Guide to Reception and  Surgery Times
Alternatives to a GP Appointment
Appointments are for one patient at a time. If there is more than one person needing to see the doctor, separate appointments must be made. We will try to keep to schedule but please remember earlier patients may have needed more time than allocated on this occasion.
Appointments can be made in person, on-line (see Systm One logo below)  or by telephone (call 854552). If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know as soon as possible so we can use that time for somebody else.

We try to keep to appointment times and are sorry if sometimes you have to wait before you see the doctor or nurse. This is because some problems take longer to deal with - please bear with us. Monday is our busiest day of the week. If your problem is routine, you might find it easier to contact us later in the week.

If you have a preference of doctor we will try to accommodate you. However, it may not be possible to make an appointment with your doctor of choice for a variety of reasons. If this happens, an explanation will be given.

Before you can start booking GP appointments online (or order repeat prescriptions) you must first register your details for this service.

It is quick and easy to register. You will need to come into the surgery for an application form and then you will be given the relevant details to enable you to set up an account and use the system

Once registered you will be able to view any appointments you have already made, cancel them if necessary, or book a new appointment with the doctor.

When you book an appointment online you will receive confirmation which you can print off and bring with you when you attend the surgery. There is no need to reconfirm
Click the Systmonline logo above to book an available on-line appointment at Hall Road surgery
We are delighted to report that most patients advise us in good time if they find themselves unable to attend their booked appointments with the doctor or nurse.

If  you are not able to attend your booked appointment, please let us know immediately so that the appointment can be offered to another patient.  This is vital to the efficient running of the surgery especially during busy periods. If you are not able to attend a hospital appointment please contact the hospital directly
Please tell us immediately if your are not able to attend your appointment.
It is sometimes difficult, especially in busy periods to get an appointment with a GP. In some cases, especially when it is a minor ailment, alternatives may be quicker and more appropriate. Often with self-limiting illness like the common cold, self-treatment or a visit to a pharmacy may be quicker.

If you are unsure about how urgently you should see a doctor you can ring NHS 111 by simply dialling 111 ANYTIME 365 days a year. If the surgery is closed they can also arrange  you to be seen by a doctor or other health professional in a local assessment centre, at home or if appropriate at the hopsital.

Minor injuries may need to be seen at the hospital accident and emergency department but local minor injury units in your locality may be open and can deal with certain small injuries.
Reception Times
Surgery Times
Monday 08.00 to 18.30
08.00 to 18.30
Wednesday 08.00 to 18.30
Thursday 08.00 to 18.30
Friday 08.00 to 18.30
Saturday CLOSED
Monday 08.00 to 18.30
08.00 to 18.30
Wednesday 08.00 to 18.30
Thursday 08.00 to 18.30
Friday 08.00 to 18.30
Saturday CLOSED
                 NURSE APPOINTMENTS

Practice Nurses
Our practice nurse can help with appointments for dressings, blood pressure checks, blood tests and a range of clinics for managing long term conditions. Please ask our reception team for more details. When making an appointment with the nurse, please be prepared to let staff know enough information for them to allocate the correct time slot.
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