Get support to help you take control

Living with a long-term condition brings challenges and it's important to have the confidence, support and information to take control of your condition. This is called self care, which means looking after yourself in a healthy way, whether itís taking your medicine properly or doing some exercise

Self care doesn't mean you need to manage on your own. You can expect lots
of support from the NHS, including:

healthy lifestyle support: helping you improve your diet and exercise regime
information: advice about your condition and its treatment
training: helping you feel more confident about living with your condition
tools and equipment: making life easier at home
support networks: help with finding people to share your experiences with
Your Healthcare
In this section youíll find advice on how to get up-to-date information on your condition, how itís treated and the best ways to look after your own day-to-day care.

It includes a round-up of the best internet health sites, tips on taking your medicines and information on making a care plan as well as how to get the most from health professionals, including your doctor and pharmacists.
Courses & Support
This section contains articles, interactive tools, real-life stories and videos to tell you more about training courses and support networks that can help you live with your condition.

There are lots of confidence-building courses and sources of emotional and practical support around you. Itís just a case of knowing how they can help, where they are, and how you can access them.

Healthy Living
Keeping fit and healthy can be a challenge if you have a long-term condition, but it will make a big difference to your emotional wellbeing, and could ease your physical symptoms too.

In this section youíll find articles and interactive tools that explain how to make positive changes to your lifestyle. These changes include stopping smoking, losing weight, eating healthily or doing more exercise. Thereís also information on the help and support that the NHS can give to help you make these changes.

Help at Home
Technology is changing the way we manage our health. Mobile phone apps like allow you to check your symptoms if you are feeling unwell, get an assessment, information about your condition and advice on how to look after yourself.

Telehealth monitoring equipment enables people with complex conditions to stay at home, but also still stay in touch with their GP or other health professional.
Money & Legal help
Having a long-term medical condition can be a financial burden if you take regular medication, have frequent hospital appointments and need extra help caring for yourself at home.

Treatment on the NHS is free, but you may have to pay for other things such as aids for your home, your prescriptions and travel to your appointments.

The articles in this section explain what help you can get when it comes to benefits and financial aid.

You may be able to reclaim some or all of your costs. You may also be eligible for a regular allowance from the government, depending on how your condition affects you.

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