Antenatal Care
Is provided jointly by the Doctors during normal surgery hours and by the Midwife who runs a clinic at Manor Road Health Centre, Beverley.

Child Health Clinics

Contraceptive Advice
Is free, confidential and provided by all the Doctors and the Practice Nurses during normal surgeries.

Emergency Contraception
Can be provided in the surgery up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse and will normally be given a Same Day appiontment. At weekends and Bank Holidays the.......

Flu Vaccinations / Pneumonia Vaccinations
These are generally recommended for the over 65s (especially in residential or nursing home care), those with chronic lung, heart or kidney problems, diabetes or an absent spleen. Each Autumn the practice runs a flu campaign for at risk patients.

Other Services
Health Promotion, treatment of temporary visitors/tourists and minor surgery. We also run high blood pressure, heart, asthma and diabetes clinics.

Over 75 Health Checks
These are offered to this age group on an annual basis with the Doctor or Practice Nurse.

Smears / Breast Self Examination
Are usually undertaken by the Practice Nurse. A chlamydia swab may be offered at the same visit as an additional screening test for this silent and potentially serious infection.

Tetanus Vaccinations
Last for 10 years and should be kept up to date. A total of 5 in a lifetime are generally felt to offer long term immunity.

Fore more information please see our Travel page
Find out more about managing Long Term Conditions
Travel Vaccinations / Malarial Avoidance Advice

Travel health can be discussed and planned with the Practice Nurse. You may need to pay a prescription charge for certain items that are available on the NHS. Other items will need to be ordered in for you and charged for.

We may also charge you an administration fee. Please dont leave it until the last minute to have your vaccinations - some vaccinations are required several weeks before travel in order to give you adequate protection.

Please note we are NOT a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and as small surgery there may be certain times when we are not able to provide travel vaccination services.
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